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With years of experience serving the community, Jane Sherman knows the importance of advocating for the needs of everyone. She has seen, over and over again, issues of the community are overlooked simply because they are not represented and advocated for in the boardrooms and top decision making positions.  

She has chosen this time to seek the Democratic appointment to run for Brazos County Commissioner Precinct 2 because she believes that a wider range of voices and perspectives are needed on the Commissioners Court. Only then will the Commissioners be able to fairly discern the priorities of Brazos County for all its residents and how best to address them with the resources the county has.


Brazos County faces unprecedented challenges in the coming years, ranging from the health and economic repercussions of COVID-19 to uncharted growth.

Having worked in the private and nonprofit sectors, Jane has the creativity and energy to help the Commissioners Court think outside the box and identify innovative solutions to address the needs of the residents of Brazos County. 

Vote Jane Sherman to have your voice heard.


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