The Commissioners Court is made up of the County Judge and four County Commissioners. The County Commissioners each represent a quarter of Brazos County's residents and bring their interests and concerns to the table in order for the Court to make decisions regarding how to spend residents' tax dollars in planning and overseeing the delivery of county services to its residents.


Brazos County is responsible for a wide array of services. Most people are aware that roads and bridges are under the County's purview, but the county court system, health services, sheriff's office, jail, juvenile detention center, voting, caring for the indigent, and more also fall under the purview and guidance of the Commissioners Court. 

The Commissioners' primary responsibility is to understand and advocate for the needs of the county residents by applying the resources available to address those needs.

It is more important than ever for the County Commissioners to plan ahead, with the interests and needs of all residents in mind, to ensure that the tax dollars residents pay are allocated and spent wisely for every person living in Brazos County.

For Jane Sherman, addressing transparency and access to county services, improving physical and mental healthcare, and proactively planning for future growth to improve infrastructure and encourage affordable housing are the top three priorities she plans to tackle as County Commissioner. 

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Helping Hands

Transparency and Access

The County Commissioners Court allocates monies to provide public services, including building and maintaining roads and bridges, providing health services, operating the jail, juvenile detention center and the court system, carrying out fair elections, and providing care for the indigent population. However, when I started talking with Brazos County residents, few knew what fell under the County Commissioners' purview. What they did know is:

  • The potholes are so bad in parts of the county that it takes some kids over an hour sitting on the bus to get to school.


  • People flood the emergency rooms with basic healthcare needs and repeated mental health issues because there is nowhere else to go.

  • Property taxes continue to go up year after year, making living in Brazos County less and less affordable for both homeowners and renters.

  • The impact of COVID-19 has upended everyone’s lives. Uncertainty about when businesses can open and when children can safely go back to school creates mental, physical and financial stressors for everyone.

Brazos County residents need to know what services the County provides, the rationale behind those services, how effective the services provided address community needs, and whom to contact if the County is missing the mark.

As County Commissioner, I will advocate for more transparency into and access to county services and improve communication between county officials and residents.

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